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Warm Than Cold Mansion

The ‘Warm Than Cold Mansion’ is a new private stay brand that locates on the 2nd floor of the ‘Hotel BomBom’ in Gyodong Gangneung. Warm Than Cold Mansion's "mansion" follows 1960s’ Korea historical apartment’s name, rather than the dictionary meaning of a mansion. At that time, the architects and planners of the mansion put forward innovative designs such as changing all spaces into a standing-up form and distinguishing bedrooms from dining rooms with the intention of "changing residents' consciousness in a modern way." Warm Than Cold Mansion also tried to modernise the consciousness of users who  experience this space. It was expressed as a versatile modular box that can be stacked and connected, and a modular kitchen that can be combined, moved, and expanded. Light, music, curtains, air conditioning, etc. can be easily adjusted with tablets in the room by connecting to IoT.

Project / Warm Than Cold Mansion
Client / Hotel Bombom

Design / Sukjin Moon
Assist / Heeyeon Kim, Jaeseong Lee, Dorim Song
Construction / Seunghae Baek
Branding / Jaeseong Lee 
Photo / Sangpil Lee