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School Project-School Chair
Products for ST Unitas

The project started from the research on ‘Hagwon’ culture which is very intensive private school environment in S. Korea. In ‘Hagwon’, students are having quite monotonous posture for a long time with only notes and hearing during their studying time. In terms of finding ideal ergonomics and comforts, we needed to define a standard size and curve for korean students’ body. After having wide range of experiments and research, we could made a 2 dimensional side curve. Although it has only 2 dimensional side curve, but it has a certain comfort to concentrate on their studying. Also chairs are stackable and reasonably cheap to provide students.  

Project / School Project-School Chair
Client / ST Unitas
Design / Sukjin Moon, Kihyun Kim, Sangpil Lee
Photo / Sangpil Lee